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The History of SPECTO

SPECTO is based at Lelystad  Airport. The Regional Airport is strategically located in the Amsterdam-Schiphol Area, The Netherlands. SPECTO is initiated and founded in 2003 by Jeroen Mast, mechanical engineer by profession.

Initially SPECTO supported the RNLN P3C-Orion fleet at Naval Air Station Valkenburg, in the field of composites repairs to the large radomes and fuselage skin measurements. In 2006 the Dutch government was closing down the airfield and sold the Naval Air Arm, including its aircrafts. SPECTO came in the position to took over several facilities of the Ministery of Defence at Valkenburg Airport.

Over the years SPECTO gained additional experience, qualitifcations and certifications being the independent maintenance and production organization we are.

In 2013 SPECTO has developed and built a state-of-art facility at Lelystad Airport for Repair, Manufacturing, Painting and Testing of Composite Aircraft Components.

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