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“Composites repairs is our goal,

providing solutions is our specialty”


SPECTO has a dedicated painting facility of approx. 375m2,  which enables us to perform a range of component paint jobs for you. Whether you have a need for painting an Airbus A320 rudder, Embraer 190 fairing, Cessna Citation radome or smaller parts like landing lights or IDG/APU-Housings, SPECTO is your partner.

Our paintshop is well equipped for cleaning, blasting (both glass and plastic beat), sanding, color measurement and sampling, mixing, painting and polishing.

We are experienced in working with special materials like Anti-Static paint (surface resistance measurement included), Anti-Erosion paint, Fluor Elastomer paint and metallic effect paint, all of course painted to the required thickness (non-destructive layer measurement). Add to this the application of all types Rain Erosion Boots and Aircraft Safety Markings and consider you product is in good hands.

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