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Aero-Dienst selects SPECTO Aerospace for composite repairs
Aero-Dienst selects SPECTO Aerospace for composite repairs
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Aero-Dienst selects SPECTO Aerospace for composite repairs


As an OEM authorized maintenance provider for Bombardier and Dassault business jets, Aero-Dienst offers the full range of MRO services. SPECTO Aerospace is proud to team-up with Aero-Dienst in the field of composite repairs. Take for example recent several Flight Controls, Radomes and other structural parts on Bombardier Global Express aircraft. Aero-Dienst expert teams are there to support its customers coming from all over Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Africa, Southeast Asia for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, accident repairs, major repairs and modifications and alike.

Aero-Dienst 24-hour AOG service requires strong partners in the supply chain. In that regard, Aero-Dienst approached SPECTO and over the past years, several AOG repairs have been completed in SPECTO’s composite repair shop within a very short time frame. Where needed SPECTO supports Aero-Dienst with repair design, a Part-21J repair solution. “Aero-Dienst is very pleased with the support and services from SPECTO” says André Ebach, Head of Maintenance, Aero-Dienst. “With SPECTO’s support we are able to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of maintenance and TAT”.

“Aero-Dienst is a great company to work with. SPECTO’s DNA is quite similar to Aero-Dienst and that makes it possible to accomplish repairs in due time. We appreciate the trust we receive from Aero-Dienst. Communication is the key to our mutual success”, says Maarten T.A. Peters – Director Marketing & Sales at SPECTO Aerospace. 

With a 60-year track record in maintaining, operating, selling and managing a wide range of business and ambulance aircraft, Aero-Dienst is considered one of the leading business aviation companies in Europe. By employing more than 330 aviation professionals who focus on precision, reliability and absolute customer satisfaction, Aero-Dienst has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in best-value-for-money aviation services – customer-focused, transparent and fair.


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