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Almost finished…..B777-200 Translating Sleeve repair
Almost finished…..B777-200 Translating Sleeve repair
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Almost finished…..B777-200 Translating Sleeve repair


This job was quite a challenge….and SPECTO succeeded. A complex project including several unique repair tasks involving many disciplines at SPECTO. Let us take you along on this journey….

While paint stripping the Translating Sleeve at the start of this project, SPECTO revealed an old (previous) non-SRM based repair, originating from a temporary repair. The temporary repair itself may have been suitable for a short-term operation. However - while in operation at our customer – the disbonded area increased from approx. 55 x 35 cm (old temporary repair) into 120 x 55 cm (final structural repair).

SPECTO Engineering has developed and designed a permanent FAA (DER) Part-21J repair solution, including restoring the strength of the Translating Sleeve with a permanent repair and remaining within acoustic limits as per SRM requirements.

SPECTO’s final repair included the complete disassembly and reinstallation of the Inner and Outer Barrel, being now in SPECTO’s paint shop for a full repaint. Soon the assy will be delivered to our valued customer, safe to fly again.

And for SPECTO…..let’s move on to the next challenges!

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