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fixed wing aircraft

specialized in radomes, nacelles and flight controls

Part-145 approved composite repairs

SPECTO Aerospace, location Lelystad, is EASA/FAATCCA & CAA-UK Part-145 approved to perform certified composite repairs of an extended range (not type-limited) of structural composite aircraft components. SPECTO Aerospace can release composite repairs with an EASA/FAA/TCCA Triple Release Form 1 certificate and/or a separate CAA-UK Form 1. Our customer base reaches from OEM’s, civil- and military operators, AMRO’s and parts brokers in the Space- and Aerospace Industry.

With a commitment for aircraft availability and operations, we understand your need to keep your aircraft flying. We have broad experience supporting your Line and Base Maintenance activities with Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of primary and secondary structures.

At our Lelystad facility we focus on fixed wing aircraft and perform MRO-activities to manufacturer standards.

Feel free to contact us and find out how we can support you. SPECTO Aerospace is your partner for both shop and on-site/on-wing repairs and painting. Read more about our Field Repair Team.


SPECTO Aerospace has a dedicated painting facility of approx. 375m2,  which enables us to perform a range of component paint jobs for you. Whether you have a need for painting an Airbus A320 rudder, Embraer 190 fairing, Cessna Citation radome or smaller parts like landing lights or IDG/APU-Housings, SPECTO Aerospace is your partner.

With a large preparation area and 2ea 10mtr paint booths, our paint shop is well equipped for cleaning, blasting (both glass and plastic bead), sanding, color measurement and sampling, mixing, painting and polishing.

We are experienced in working with special materials like Anti-Static paint (surface resistance measurement included), Anti-Erosion paint, Fluor Elastomer paint and metallic effect paint, all of course painted to the required thickness (non-destructive layer measurement). Add to this the application of all types Rain Erosion Boots and Aircraft Safety Markings and consider you product in good hands.

Part-145 approved on-site services (Field Repair Team)

If you require a conditioned on-wing winglet repair or repaint of the complete nose section of your aircraft: call our Field Repair Team in case of AOG situations. We provide our customers excellent service in response time, accuracy and good craftsmanship. Structural repairs based on approved maintenance data can be released with an EASA-FAA-TCCA Form 1 (triple) and/or CAA-UK Form 1 certificate.

SPECTO Aerospace is highly experienced in on-wing repairs, such as:

  • structural composite repairs using vacuum hotbonding techniques;
  • Composite Fuselage Repairs (for example B787 and A350)
  • controlled Abradable Engine Seal and Attrition Lining repairs;
  • paint touch-up and repaint of aircraft sections;
  • A/C registration changes;
  • application of safety markings (both template and silkscreen techniques).

conditioned environment in your hangar facility:

To meet the highest level of qualified field repairs SPECTO Aerospace is able to create a temporary conditioned environment in your facility using our excellent Repair Shelters. Find out how our Repair Shelters not only protect the specialist work performed but also protect your own personnel, the hangar facility and other nearby aircraft against overspray and fumes while continuing planned maintenance!

AOG services

SPECTO Aerospace offers no-nonsense AOG shop, on-wing and exchange support.

AOG, please call: +31 854 883 678 or email AOG@spectoaerospace.com

composites repair shelter

SPECTO Aerospace has developed a modular inflatable repair shelter based on a number of on-site jobs our Field Repair Team performed over the years. Whether you require our support for a qualified composite on-wing repair or paint job, we are able to create a temporary quarantine area to meet the required environmental conditions, using the shelters in combination with heating, ventilation and cooling equipment. Our Repair Shelters protects not only the specialist work performed but also protects your hangar space and aircraft around against overspray and fumes!

Our repair shelters protects not only the specialist work performed but also your hangar and aircraft in the direct vincinity around!

our formula is quite simple:

Within 1 hour after arrival on-site, we are able to set up our first repair shelter module and to start with the conditioned repair.

composites repair shelters

radome RF testing by ARThuR

SPECTO Aerospace has in-house capability for Radome RF-testing in accordance with MOPS-Minimum Operational Standards of RTCA-DO213 and most OEM requirements.

Considering the growing volumes of Business Jet-, Narrow & Wide Body Aircraft as well as Helicopter Radomes, SPECTO’s own R&D Team introduced ARThuR – Automated Radome Test Range. A unique innovation, not yet seen anywhere in the aerospace world, performing robotized RF-testing. ARThuR is designed for high accuracy Transmission Efficiency Testing for over of 450+ aircraft Radome part numbers, for both pre- and post-repair testing and for manufacturing qualification and verification testing as well.

For detailed information about our RF test capability, contact our sales team: sales@spectoaerospace.com.

Exchange- & Loan parts

SPECTO Aerospace offers exchange/loaner services for most common aircraft radome and fairing parts.
Please send your inquiry to: sales@spectoaerospace.com or call +31 854 883 677.

approvals fixed wing repairs

The high quality standard and capability of SPECTO Aerospace in it's quality system (QA), service response time, accuracy and good craftsmanship is covered by several recognized aerospace approvals and certifications:

SPECTO Aerospace is an EASA/FAA/TCCA & CAA-UK Part-145 approved Aircraft Component Maintenance Organization having an extensive range of C-ratings. The Scope of Work and Capability of SPECTO Aerospace covers an extensive range of composite repairs of structural aircraft components and manufacturing of composite parts for technology systems. SPECTO is able to release its composite repairs to aircraft components and aircraft fuselage repairs with an EASA/FAA/TCCA Triple Release Certificate.

Contact our QA if you have any question: quality@spectoaerospace.com

EASA/Part-145 Approval

EASA Part 145 Approval Certificate Approval Schedule REV 6 MAY 24 2018

14 CFR Part-145 FAA Certificate

CAR 573 Approval

CAR 573 Approval

CAA-UK Part-145 Certificate

CAA-UK Part-145 Certificate