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King ARThuR is back…
King ARThuR is back…
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King ARThuR is back…


SPECTO’s R&D Team managed to wake up King ARThuR again:

Together with ARThuR’s famous sword Excalibur – a sharp and accurate ‘Knights Tool’ – the King was known and feared.

Today, SPECTO wakes-up its own 21st century version of the King’s Tool. As Europeans largest independent Radome Repair Center, SPECTO developed a complete new Automated Radome Test Range (ARThuR) in-house which not only meets the latest standard of the RTCA DO-213 Test Requirements but also exceeds them: sharp and accurate collecting of a load of RF data to reproduce and/or validate any errors.

SPECTO’s new ‘Knight Tool’ is an impressive 4 meter high 8-axis robot setup with a well engineered multi flexible Main Frame having aircraft forward bulkhead mounts all around to install your valuable Radome safely. The device is capable to handle more than 450 Radome Part Numbers from the biggest Airbus and Boeing Radomes till the smallest Bombardier and Cessna Radomes, and everything in between.

Many operators know SPECTO for its quick TAT for Transmission Efficiency Testing and when planned, SPECTO offers Same Day Delivery RF Services to you, if required.

With more than 400 Radome shop visits a year this tool helps us to deal with the ever increasing number of repairs and tests, thus getting your bird flying as soon as possible! 

Watch the short introduction movie (see fixed wing aircraft | SPECTO Aerospace) and schedule an appointment with our Marketing & Sales Team to further discuss our core business: composite & light weight structure repairs. Come and visit us at booth #3089 at the MRO Europe exhibition in Amsterdam


Be sure to visit us at the MRO Europe in Amsterdam from October 20-21 at booth #3089. That week we will do a great innovation announcement related to Radome repairs. SPECTO processes more than 400 Radome shop visits per year, ranging from the smaller Business Jet Radomes to the large commercial aircraft Radomes, not forget to mention Helicopter Radomes.

Our extensive experience guarantees that we perform high quality repairs. And based on a larger future business volume of Radome repairs, SPECTO continues to invest in an even higher quality standard. Not without a reason we quote: “Bring MRO to Manufacturers Standard”. Note that the final picture above will show just one of the results of SPECTO’s R&D Team.

More on this in the upcoming post next week as well as during the MRO Europe. See you in Amsterdam and let’s meet!

Did you know that SPECTO is also offering extensive Composite Repair Services to a huge range of Rotor Blades, Flight Controls, Structure- & Nacelle components? Check us out!


Last week we shared the topic “Innovation | Digitalization | Robotization” with you. On 20 – 21 October, SPECTO returns to MRO Europe exhibition in Amsterdam (booth #3089). Full of pride and with pleasure, we will share the results of one of our latest and absolutely unique innovations with the aerospace world during MRO Europe.

We are also happy to introduce Guido Kerbusch, our new Business & Development Manager since October 01. Guido has a senior background in aerospace services and we are delighted that Guido joined our Team! Together with the rest of the SPECTO Team, Guido is looking forward to meeting you.

Would you like to make an appointment with one of the SPECTO delegates? Send a message to sales@spectoaerospace.com or simply call us at +31 854 883 677.

Lastly, please follow our messages in the coming weeks in the run-up to MRO Europe. In the coming weeks we will stimulate your interest by making a piece of the puzzle visible every week. The final picture will show just one of the results of  SPECTO’s R&D Team.


SPECTO chooses to be and to remain in motion all the time. It’s part of our company culture, our DNA. We all know that this requires the right people. And those good people work at SPECTO in dedicated and dynamic Teams on new developments. Our own R&D Team has not been idle lately  either. Topics that are in the spotlight include investments in digitalization and robotizing steps in the repair and overhaul processes of aerostructure components.

These investments not only forms the basis of SPECTO’s future, but also the basis of a long-term relationship with our valued customers. We use all possible means and innovative ideas to guarantee the highest quality, where we have more than just the product quality of our repairs in mind.

Have we piqued your curiosity?

Follow our messages in the coming weeks in the run-up to the MRO Europe exhibition at Amsterdam, where SPECTO will display at booth #3089. You are welcome to visit us! During the event SPECTO will announce a unique innovation that is not yet seen anywhere in the aerospace world and where SPECTO, once again,  show that it is at the forefront. In the coming weeks we will stimulate your interest by making a piece of the puzzle visible every week. The final picture will show just one of the results of  SPECTO’s R&D Team.