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Quality with a friendly smile….
Quality with a friendly smile….
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Quality with a friendly smile….


We live in an age where just about every product or service is described as high quality, yet there is often very little substance to back up these assertions. At SPECTO Aerospace we take the issue of quality very seriously and we mean what we say when we talk about repairs and services of the very highest quality. 

One of SPECTO’s core values is Reliable, which we define as “consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted”. Being a reliable business partner to our customers and suppliers, as well as to the SPECTO Team, our most valuable assets. They make it happen every day by offering composite repairs allowing our customers to continue to fly as much as possible. We love to make our customers happy by offering uncompromising quality on a daily basis.

SPECTO has quality in its DNA. It’s all about our people.  New to our Team is Mr. Dick van Silfhout. Per November 01, 2018 he will join SPECTO Aerospace as Quality Manager and succeeding ad-interim Mrs. Willeke van Oeveren. With over 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry, we welcome Dick on-board and we will say thanks to Willeke, who remains Quality advisor to SPECTO.