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Regional Jet Center selects SPECTO Aerospace for shop & on-site composite repairs
Regional Jet Center selects SPECTO Aerospace for shop & on-site composite repairs
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Regional Jet Center selects SPECTO Aerospace for shop & on-site composite repairs


Regional Jet Center (RJC), the Embraer specialized MRO located in The Netherlands, recently signed and extended its long-term agreement with SPECTO Aerospace in support of shop and on-site composite repairs. 

The selection process involved a/o an evaluation of SPECTO’s extended repair experience in combination with its customer support. For many years, RJC has sent SPECTO unserviceable structure parts to Repair, Modification or Overhaul as required to Serviceable condition. Since 2011 SPECTO performed more than 800 repairs specifically for RJC on a wide variety of parts including Embraer Radomes, Wing-To-Fuselage-Fairings, Rudders, CF-34 Abradable Seals, Thrust Reversers, Elevator Assy’s and all kind of Fairings. SPECTO utilizes its Composite Repair Shelters for on-site repairs when needed. “SPECTO is well known because of its expertise in the field of high quality Composite Repairs, its customer focus and its drive to always find the best solution for our repair requirements. This perfectly matches the RJC mission and vision” says Phil Schrijvers (Accountmanager Finance & Contracts at RJC). “The contract extension is a logic result of SPECTO’s performance and the basis for composite repairs on the Embrear 175/195 fleet currently maintained by RJC, and we look forward to 2021 when RJC starts to perform the line maintenance on the Embraer 195 E2 fleet”, says Maarten Peters (Director Marketing & Sales at SPECTO Aerospace).

About Regional Jet Center:

RJC offers high quality Line maintenance services on Embraer E170-E190 series and the Bombardier Q400 aircraft. Their staff of 250-trained professionals is strongly committed to achieve the highest fleet availability in the world. RJC has multiple on-site workshops supporting the maintenance activities. Regional Jet Center is an EASA 145 and FAA approved company. For more information on RJC’s expertise, visit: https://www.rjc.nl/.

About SPECTO Aerospace:

SPECTO, located at Lelystad-Airport (The Netherlands), is an EASA/FAA/TCCA and AS9100 certified composite repair facility performing shop and on-wing repairs/paintwork for fixed wing structure parts. SPECTO’s repair capability covers composite and hybrid assemblies fitted on a wide variety of commercial (business jets, narrow- and wide-body included). SPECTO’s located on Woensdrecht Air Base (The Netherlands) focusses composite repairs, engineering and program management for military and civil rotary platforms. Focus is on Flight Controls, Radomes, Structures, Nacelles and Rotor Blades including on-site fuselage repair that we release with an EASA – TCCA – FAA triple release.

Additionally SPECTO offers on-site composite field repair/painting services using inflatable climate controlled, ventilated Composite Repair/Paint Shelters, creating the required environment.

In addition to our extensive repair capabilities, we offer exchange / loan services. More information, visit www.spectoaerospace.com