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Rocket science or not?
Rocket science or not?
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Rocket science or not?


Composite Repairs is SPECTO’s core business. Delivered in the customer livery. The SPECTO painting Team is a class on its own. Their expertise in painting and surface treatment is unique. Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands selected SPECTO for the surface treatment of the heat shields and application of anti-static coatings for a structural part of the launcher vehicle Vega. A prestigious project where we like to demonstrate our skills…..

Vega is Europe’s cost-effective launcher vehicle for satellites in the range of 300 to 2,500 kg, for scientific and earth observation missions into low Earth orbits. It named after the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere. Vega helps to make space better accessible for smaller satellites from Europe. The launcher is 30 meters high with a diameter of 3 meter.

Vega is a single-body launcher with three solid-propellant stages that is able to bring several payloads at the same time into space. Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands is responsible for the design and building of the Vega Interstage 1/2. This conical shaped structural part, which connects the first and second stage of the launcher, comprises a separation mechanism; a ring with an explosive cord (pyro cord) that will enable the first stage to be thrown off the Vega rocket, after its-117 seconds launch burn.

Photo: ESA

SPECTO: Specialist in application of special coatings to space- and aerospace components !