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SPECTO Aerospace assigns New Managing Director at Amsterdam Lelystad Airport
SPECTO Aerospace assigns New Managing Director at Amsterdam Lelystad Airport
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SPECTO Aerospace assigns New Managing Director at Amsterdam Lelystad Airport


Jeffrey (16 years of age) replaces Jeroen on 10th June 2021. SPECTO is a next step in his career path meeting his great ambitions. “People in our organization make the difference, SPECTO is a great Team and together we make it happen for our customers”, says Jeroen Mast. “SPECTO offers young and older people a place to realize their ambitions”. With that in mind, Jeroen had no doubt to resign as Managing Director just for one day. For the second time in SPECTO’s history, we participate in the JINCinitiative.

About JINC:

In the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of children grow up in an environment with a socioeconomic disadvantage. They have dreams and talents, but unfortunately, their postal code and social context are usually the biggest predictors of success. They lack valuable networks, and opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge for their professional future. As the inequality in education rises, we believe creating spaces to enable a good start in the labor market for these kids is crucial

JINC exists to help create a world where a postal code and a socioeconomic context does not determine anyone’s future. During JINC Boss of Tomorrow 450 children will run the Netherlands. They will experience what it is like to run a company by taking over the boss’ position for the day. Kids will make valuable industry contacts, experience how a company works from the inside, and show the world how important it is to invest in all the talent of the future. JINC believes that every child deserves equal opportunities, and Boss of Tomorrow is one our main initiatives to make it happen.

For more details: JINC in English - JINC

About SPECTO Aerospace:

SPECTO’s location at Lelystad-Airport (The Netherlands), is an EASA/FAA/TCCA certified composite repair facility performing shop and on-wing repairs/paintwork for fixed wing structure parts. SPECTO’s repair capability covers composite and hybrid assemblies fitted on a wide variety of commercial aircraft (business jets, narrow- and wide-body included). Focus is on Flight Controls, Radomes, Structures and Nacelles. SPECTO’s location at Woensdrecht Air Base (The Netherlands) focusses on composite repairs, engineering and program management for military and civil helicopters. Focus is on Structures and Rotor Blades. Additionally SPECTO offers on-site composite field repair/painting services using inflatable climate controlled, ventilated Composite Repair/Paint Shelters, creating the required environment. In addition to our extensive repair capabilities, we offer exchange / loan services.

More information, visit www.spectoaerospace.com.

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