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SPECTO expands capability even further
SPECTO expands capability even further
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SPECTO expands capability even further


Customers already recognize SPECTO as a one-stop-repair shop for Flight Control Surfaces, Radomes, Rotor Blades, Structure- & Nacelle Components. We are pleased to announce another substantial expansion of our capability. As a result of continuous investments in tooling and skills more than 20000 unique part numbers have now been added to our capability list. The complete capability list now tops over 50000 different part numbers, with all major business and commercial aircraft platforms represented.

SPECTO’s Fixed Wing Scope of Work is technology driven: within approved ATA-chapters as listed in our MOE (capabilities | SPECTO Aerospace), all composite and sheet metal maintenance inspections,  repairs and painting on composite-, metal- and metal/composite assemblies are allowed. Work as mentioned can be accomplished on separate components, on (composite) components installed in or on your aircraft as well as on (composite-) aircraft bodies. The above mentioned listing of activities includes microwave testing of Radomes. All our repairs are released with a single, dual or triple EASA Form 1 or CAA-UK Form 1.

Please contact sales@spectoaerospace.com for a detailed capability list in Excel which you may upload in your own ERP system to find your way to SPECTO in case of urgent repairs.