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SPECTO hosts NIDV meeting
SPECTO hosts NIDV meeting
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SPECTO hosts NIDV meeting


At September 3rd 2020, SPECTO hosted the NIDV / D-DMO session at Airbase Woensdrecht.

Started in 2016, Director DMO vice admiral Arie Jan de Waard and the NIDV organized sessions around The Netherlands to meet with local SME’s. Joining VADM De Waard and his staff were participants of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Dutch National Police. During the day several presentations were held, followed by a lunch and tour in SPECTO’s work shops. In the afternoon one-on-one meetings were organized between companies and representatives of the governmental entities. NIDV participants were: Allplast, T-minus, VIRO Group, Aviolanda, Deadalus, DMV, Eurotempest and DTEC.