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SPECTO receives contract extension from Boeing
SPECTO receives contract extension from Boeing
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SPECTO receives contract extension from Boeing


SPECTO has received a contract extension from Boeing in support of the Boeing Lease Exchange Program for Flight Controls & Nacelles until mid-2022.

Following an initial contract of one year, SPECTO will continue to receive unserviceable parts from Boeing’s services division to repair, modify or overhaul as required into Serviceable condition. The Serviceable part will then be ready for delivery to Boeing’s specified warehouse location to support its worldwide aftermarket customer base. In total more than 1500 part numbers are covered by this agreement. It provides airlines an integrated and economical solution. Under the program, customers can exchange nacelle and flight control surface parts that need repair or overhaul from a certified pool that Boeing maintains throughout its global network. This eliminates the need for customers to contract, schedule, manage and own or lease these parts. Parts distributed through the program represent all Boeing commercial models and are updated to the latest configurations, incorporating all applicable Service Bulletins and airworthiness directives.

About SPECTO Aerospace:

SPECTO Aerospace, located at Lelystad-Airport (The Netherlands), is an EASA-FAA-TCCA and AS9100 certified composite repair facility performing shop and on-wing repairs/paintwork. SPECTO’s repair capability covers all composite and hybrid assemblies fitted on a wide variety of commercial (both civil as general aviation) as military aircraft type. Focus is on Radomes and primary & secondary composite structures/components including on-site fuselage repair which SPECTO releases with an EASA-TCCA-FAA triple release.

Additionally SPECTO offers on-site composite field repair/painting services using inflatable climate controlled, ventilated Composite Repair/Paint Shelters, creating the required environment.

In addition to its extensive repair capabilities SPECTO offers exchange / loan services too. More information, visit www.spectoaerospace.com