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Thinking out of the box…
Thinking out of the box…
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Thinking out of the box…


SPECTO aims to be at the forefront of technical developments. Customers, suppliers and other business partners recognize us as the foremost and independent Part-145 Composite Repair Organization in EMEA for Radomes, Flight Controls, Structure Parts and Rotor Blades. After this you will find another reason why !

On an annual basis we have over 400 Radomes shop visits in Lelystad. Airbus A320 and Airbus A330/A340 Radomes constitute an important share of that. For these Radomes SPECTO offers shell kit replacements, following an agreement signed with Airbus. Based on approved OEM maintenance data SPECTO replaces the Quartz or Kevlar shells of the Radomes by a brand new Airbus produced Glass S2 shell. Benefits for the Airbus operators include short TAT, saving money when large damages on your Radome and a release of your Radome that looks brand new.

This is another example where SPECTO invests in quality and new techniques. We deliver Composite Repair Services as a solution to our customers.