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On a daily basis, our dear customers send their valuable assets for repair: Flight Controls, Radomes, Structures, Nacelles and Rotor blades, damaged by a bird strike, lightning strike or another incident. And of course, although these assets are in an unserviceable condition, we care. 

We care about these assets, and we care about our employees. Our latest innovation is the Radome mould positioner tool. Our professional repairs are much easier than previously, more efficient and above all more fun to work on.

Last year we introduced ARThuR (SPECTO’s Automated Radome Test Range) for Radome RF-testing in accordance with MOPS-Minimum Operational Standards of RTCA-DO213 and most OEM requirements) and we are working on CASSy (SPECTO’s Collaborative Automated Sanding System for Radomes).

Interested to learn more about our latest innovations? Then let us meet at MRO Europe in London, booth number 2420 on October 19-20, 2022.

We innovate – We care – We are SPECTO !